Is This An Emergency?

In case of an emergency, call our regular number, 641-423-6834.  We share on call duties with other local veterinarians; someone will be with you shortly.

Reasons you SHOULD call for emergency help:

  • Your pet is having difficulty breathing
  • Your pet has been bleeding for more than 5 minutes, or there is more than a small amount of blood
  • Your pet has been limping or unable to use one of his/her legs for more than 4 hours
  • Anything wrong with your pet’s eye
  • Your pet has vomited several times, or been unable to keep anything down for a few hours
  • Your pet has consumed something you think may hurt him/her, including any medications not belonging to your pet
  • Your pet is having a seizure
  • You are worried enough to be looking at this page

Reasons you SHOULD NOT call for emergency help:

  • You found a stray (You should call the police or animal control) 641-421-3636
  • You need to schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment–Please call during normal business hours

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