Laser Soft Tissue Surgery

What you can expect for your pet on the day of surgery:

  • All patients receive pre-surgical bloodwork.  Younger patients generally are tested for kidney and liver function, electrolyte abnormalities, anemia and evidence of infection.  We will tailor your pet’s anesthetic protocol to allow for the best possible outcome.
  • All patients receive a full physical exam, no matter when his/her last visit was.
  • All patients receive intravenous fluids to support their blood pressure under anesthesia.  We monitor your pet’s blood pressure, tissue oxygenation, ECG, and temperature during all anesthetic events.
  • All patients receive pain medication for surgery before, during, and after the procedure.  Pain medication is very important for the healing of your pet!
  • Most patients get to go home the afternoon of surgery.
Laser Surgery

Animal Medical Hospital offers our patients the latest in surgical technology with a CO2 laser.  The laser cuts using an intense wavelength of light which is the only thing to touch the surgical site.  This allows for precision cutting, minimizing the risk to underlying tissue and sealing nerve endings and blood vessels to minimize pain and bleeding.

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